Joey James is a multi-media designer who has lived in Los Angeles his entire life. He works at the Church At Rocky Peak as the print and digital media coordinator. He enjoys many creative mediums such as graphic design, motion design, photography, videography, and directing.

A passion for storytelling has taken Joey on several trips to Africa, sharing the gospel with a previously unreached people group, as well as to document the work of his team. Joey also speaks at an annual media summit in Kampala, Uganda. He frequently visits Mexico to build houses, evangelize, and capture the work God is doing there. He loves people and sharing with others the ways God moves in people’s lives.

Joey is currently attending Eternity Bible College in Southern California in pursuit of a biblical studies major, which he hopes you to use in the future to effectively share God’s word with others, whether on stage or behind the scenes. His favorite thing about God is His creativity, which he wants to reflect in his own life.