Big Bear

JANUARY 4–7, 2019

Hey everyone! Below is any information you might need about the next Big Bear trip. Excited to hang out with you all!

Address: 232 San Bernardino Ave, Sugarloaf CA 92386

Cost: (venmo @joeyrjames)

  • 3 nights: $40

  • 2 nights: $30

  • 1 night: $20


Current Weather Forecast:

  • Friday: High 51° Low 25°, 0% rain

  • Saturday: High 48° Low 24°, 30% rain

  • Sunday: High 46° Low 26°, 20% rain

  • Monday: High 48° Low 29°, 10% rain

Estimated Schedule:

  • Friday, 12pm: Cabin Open

  • Friday, 1pm: Lunch

  • Friday, 5pm: Dinner

  • Friday, 8pm: Devo/Worship

  • Saturday, 7am: Breakfast

  • Saturday, 9am: Devo/Worship

  • Saturday, 12pm: Lunch

  • Saturday, 7pm: Dinner

  • Saturday, 8pm: Devo/Worship

  • Saturday, 9pm: Night Game

  • Sunday, 7am: Breakfast

  • Sunday, 9am: Devo/Worship

  • Sunday, 12pm: Lunch

  • Sunday, 7pm: Dinner

  • Sunday, 8pm: Devo/Worship

  • Sunday, 9pm: Night Game

  • Monday, 8am: Coffee & Breakfast

  • Monday, 9am: Devo/Worship

  • Monday, 12pm: Depart

What to bring:

  • Toiletries

  • Warm Clothes (It shouldn’t be wet, but definitely cold.)

  • Sleeping bag (Not everyone will need one, but I prefer for people to have one just in case. There will be a proper bed available for everyone.)

  • Bible, Journal, etc. (We’ll be having several worship/devo experiences, so bring whatever you need!)

  • Games/Snacks if you so desire

Misc. Information:

  • There is no wifi! Verizon is strong at the cabin, but I don’t know about any other carriers. You can use my personal hotspot if necessary.

  • There is only one bathroom! We should be good on Friday night, but on Saturday night and Sunday morning, if you are able to go without showering it would be much appreciated.