But First, Dubai

 Stopping in Dubai wasn’t part of the original plan for this trip, but due to some flight issues that I still don’t fully understand, we had an evening to spend in the home of the tallest building in the world! It was definitely a fun opportunity for the team.

After a 15 hour plane ride, we took the metro (or whatever they call the metro here) to our hotel, and then took two taxis from our hotel to the Dubai mall, where Brian gave us exactly one hour and ten minutes to hang out. It was just enough time to run around for a bit and eat dinner. Sam and Amanda V and I decided we wanted to eat at a place that we didn’t recognize. As tempting as the Wendy’s logo looks in Arabic, we decided to eat at a Falafel place in the food court. We some incredible chicken, curry, rice, and meat that looked (and tasted) like sausage. Quinn made sure that we didn’t get overcharged.

I want to take a moment to highlight Quinn. This kid will talk to anyone, and is always ready with a hundred questions to ask. He's really not afraid to put himself out there. I think this is the secret to experiencing the world when you travel. You have to engage with people. Even if it’s awkward and clunky, you have to just jump in and go for it. I’m hoping to learn from him over the course of the trip.

We have one more 5-hour flight in the morning, followed by an 8-hour bus ride to the place where we’ll be staying for the week. Thank you for your continued prayers, and we’ll see you tomorrow in Tanzania!

Much love,