We Made It!

Well yesterday didn’t go quite as expected. We were a little late getting out of the Dar Es Salam airport, and we weren’t going to be able to make it to Tanga before midnight, so our leaders decided we should stop and spend the night at a hotel. This was a significant upgrade to the original idea of sleeping on the bus. We stopped, got some sleep, and jumped back on the road at 6 in the morning. Four hours later, after a total of 3 days of travel, we finally arrived in Tanga.

This bus ride is one of my favorite parts of the trip. It features fairly comfortable seats, incredible scenery, and great conversation with members of the team. This particular trip even included a bit of worship, some of which I got to lead, but most of which was led by Sam. It was her guitar after all. Speaking of Sam, she wanted to share some of her thoughts she wrote down on the plane.

We've lost a day in the travel. It probably wasn't lost, I just wasn't keeping track of it. I felt so little leaving for this trip. Now my heart is so full. I asked God to give me the strength to love Him with my yes and my obedience. I was worried because I felt nothing, my heart was heavy at best. Now, at this moment I am so full of joy. Everyone is taking pictures of this trip, so I'm sure I'll be in some of them. But I'm trying to pause. I never remember my trips the way I want to, I look at pictures years later and think "that is a cool picture" but it's not attached to a memory. So what I want to remember from today is that Amanda Horn has a fire for Jesus that encourages me to love God more. And Madison is so honest and true. I've never seen her be anything but authentic and in that I get to see what God is doing and be reminded of truth with her, because she allows people in to the process. And Brian Morehead is a lot of things- a fast walker, loud, fearless. But he is also obedient to the call God has put on his life. I know I'm getting to Tanzania not because Brian is fearless and a world traveler (which is also true). I know we are all getting there because Brian walks in the purpose God has given him, and with that comes authority and favor.

I'm so in love with all these people. Those are just the few I've been thinking about since waking up this morning. I'm trusting that the joy of the Lord will be my strength on this trip. How could I not be joyful? I'm surrounded by gifts from God. I forget sometimes that the best gifts God gives are wrapped up in skin. But right now, I'm so confident that I am loved because of the team. I know they are going for the people in Tanzania, as am I. But in this moment, it feels like they are here just for me. And I am thankful.

Side note: traveling tip- aisle seats are cool, but sitting next to the people you love is cooler. Don't pick comfort over a chance at community

Side side note: if you end up sitting next to a stranger, ask them their name. There's always more people to love in this world, even if all that love looks like is giving them your neck pillow.

We’re about to go meet our translators, and tomorrow we’ll be headed out to several churches in the area to speak and share testimonies. Thanks for all your prayers and support! See you soon.

Much love,