Pursuing His People

Today I'm proud to present a guest post from Amanda H!

In the wee hours before the sun peeked through our windows and as the crickets chirped a morning tune, we gathered back onto our bus for our final trek to Tanga. We arrived in time for a traditional Tanzanian lunch of rice, French fries and chicken. In the later afternoon some of us were reunited with translators that became friends and others were welcomed into this amazing international family. We sang songs of worship both in English and Swahili and it was an amazing time of loving our Almighty Creator! We also received wonderful news that the people who were reached back in March are meeting with one another and one of the interpreters talked to one of the religious leaders of that village and he wants to receive a Bible! It’s truly amazing to witness God’s handiwork in all of this and how passionately He is pursuing His people. We closed the night with a group meeting where we professed who God calls us and prayed for the rest of our journey. We all then curled up in our cozy beds and prepared for our teachings and testimonies in the surrounding churches.