Home Again

Today was our first day in the mission field. In teams of two, we headed out into villages, none of us really knowing what to expect. My partner on this trip is Tricia, and we were going back to the exact same location where we spent a week in March. Going to Tanzania is a once in a lifetime experience. Returning to visit the very same people 4 months later was an incredible gift, and very surreal. It’s the kind of place you think you’re only going to see once, and then suddenly you’re back and it looks exactly the same. It was like stepping into a memory, and in many ways, it was like coming home.


We were immediately greeted by a man we met in March, who had expressed interest in our faith and had very intelligent questions to ask. We had ended the week by giving him a Bible. We also gave Bibles to 2 other women in the village who had professed faith in Christ, but were not open about their beliefs for fear of being thrown out of their village. Throughout all these months, we received no updates from our translator and guide Lazarus, who said he was going to go back to do follow up visits.

Then, on Sunday, we were reunited with Lazarus, who shared that he had gone back many times to visit these people. They had been meeting to discuss the Bible and their faith. This brought Tricia to tears (not just a single tear, by the way, it was a waterfall).

This man took us to a place outside his home, laid out two mats, and we sat down. For the entire day we shared stories from the Bible, taught him and others how to pray, and what it means to be a new creation. Another man joined us who we learned was the village leader. Tricia and I both prayed a blessing over them, and said we would come back tomorrow.

That evening our whole team gathered together and discussed the things that had happened during the day in each of our villages. There were amazing stories, and I wish I could share all of them with you. I’ll be teaming up with some other people throughout the week to document all that God is doing in their village.

See you soon!