World Cup & Baby Ducks

Of all the partners working in the field, Will and Amanda V are the only two who have both never been in Tanzania before. As I watched them work together, this was evident, but not inhibitive to their ability to spread love around their village. They sat down with several families, introducing themselves and asking about their livelihood. They both brought a unique energy to the conversation. Will played soccer with one of the boys in the village, or as he put it, “Tanzania won the World Cup!” and Amanda got to hold a baby duck! They both jumped in headfirst and weren't afraid to give it their all.

Amanda said she was coming to Africa for love. You can tell by the heart-shaped sunglasses she brought along. She didn’t have a set agenda or expectation for this trip. She has just been loved by Jesus, and wants to give others a chance to experience that love. Amanda asked if that was enough… should she have more of a plan? No, she shouldn’t. If love alone brings her to Tanzania, it’s because she is full of faith. And that’s what God needs; that’s all he needs. I’m sure Amanda’s faith will give God the space to move mountains this week.

Will is a servant, and he’s willing and ready to help anyone in need. Not only that, but he is obedient to the Holy Spirit. As soon as he read about the trip, he felt a call on his heart, and couldn’t say no. It’s obvious why God called him here… these people needed him. I watched him quickly offer to help a woman who had to carry 3 buckets of water to her home. He had conversation with her as they walked, and she was truly grateful.


Amanda and Will ended each conversation by offering to pray for the people they had been talking with, asking if there was a miracle God could work in their life. One woman asked them to pray for improved eye sight, and another woman simply asked for “a better life.” I listened to Amanda and Will both pray with authenticity and an earnest desire to bless these people. I guarantee they will never be the same.


Much love,