This trip was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I had such a unique perspective, getting to see the different ways God was working in each of the sub-villages. There were so many faces. There were so many stories. There was so much love. For the final day, I got to follow Amanda H and Brian M, who had spent their week in one of the outer-most sub-villages. This place was definitely off the beaten path, a perfect spot for such bold warriors. They were shown so much love and respect. Amanda ran around with the kids, and Brian sat talking to people about their lives, ultimately hoping to strike up conversations about their faith.

The most amazing part of the day was when they sat down with yet another Imam interested in Christianity. This was the 3rd of the week. He had requested a Bible to read and look at, a request they were able to meet. They sat down for about half an hour and taught him how to use the book and about the grand story that it tells. Many others sat around listening with to what Brian had to say about a God who made them and loved them.

Here’s what I learned this week: Victory takes many different forms, and true victory is determined by God. Everyone on our team worked so hard all week, but not everyone experienced the same results. Some were very content with their Muslim beliefs, while others accepted Christ. The one consistent element I observed in the villages this week was acceptance. Love was given and received in abundance, and whether or not a particular person was open to the gospel, they were filled and touched by the time we spent together. Seed was scattered everywhere, and even if it takes 50 years for it to begin to grow, I trust that God has a plan, and that no effort made this week was in vain.

All of the pictures I took this week are now up. One thing I wanted to focus on during this trip was faces. Crystal Fernandez told me in a letter to search the eyes of the children I met, and to speak life and truth into them. This is what I did, and I captured as many of those eyes as I could. I hope you’ll take the time to look through them, pray for them, and remember that the same God who spent an eternity crafting you gave them the very same attention.

Til next time,