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i'm going to Thailand!

This summer, my wife and I are leaders on a team of 25 high school students to Thailand with ZOE International, an organization that brings God's life to the nations and rescues and cares for at-risk children. Our top priority on this trip will be to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Thailand, as we visit children’s homes, rural mountain villages, and schools. The dates of the trip are June 25-July 5.

While I will also be participating in the direct ministry that these students are doing, my role on this trip is specifically to guide and protect the students themselves. This is my 6th overseas mission, and while it’s my first time in Thailand, I do have a lot of experience with the kind of rural street evangelism we will be doing. I’m excited to bring my wisdom and insight to these students as most of them have never done this kind of ministry before. My top priority is that they would thrive both physically and spiritually on this trip.

I am asking for both financial and spiritual support! My belief in the power of prayer has drastically increased since writing previous fundraising letters. I have seen the seismic power of going before God on behalf of others. I have already started praying for the students on the trip, and I hope you will join me. I have listed their first names at the bottom of this letter. Here are a few key prayer-points:

  1. Spiritual wisdom and discernment as we travel into unfamiliar territory

  2. Increased discipline and personal ownership as we prepare for the trip

  3. Protection in all the various travel we will be doing

  4. Spiritual protection against the spiritual forces of evil both here and in Thailand

  5. Effectiveness in our ministry once we arrive

If you are able to give financially, it would mean so much to me. The Church has a long history of collecting money to send missionaries into new communities. Thank you so much for your willingness to be a partner on this trip. If you are committing to pray with me, I’d love if you let me know! My number is 818-590-0992. I can also send a few updates throughout the trip and once we get back.


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