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Thailand Trip Summary

Thursday, June 27

We began our first day with a devotional and time with God, followed by a visit to the ZOE complex where we received name tags in Thai and heard inspiring stories from Carol Hart, ZOE’s co-founder, about the mission's impact over the years. We then assembled almost 2000 goodie bags for children, reflecting on the purpose and finding joy in serving and worshiping God through our efforts. The day was transformative, highlighting the importance of faith and community support.


Friday, June 28

On day two, we started with personal time with God and morning worship, followed by a warm welcome from the entire ZOE staff and ZOE leadership team (ZLT), an orientation from Mike Hart, ZOE’s co-founder and a two-hour tour of the entire ZOE campus, where we saw their self-sustaining farms and facilities. In the evening, we went to a worship night with the ZOE family, which includes the staff and kids living at the home. The ZOE team led worship in Thai, and our team also led a song in English, I Thank God. There was also a skit and personal testimonies from some of the girls living at ZOE, as well as from our team. Worshiping with the ZOE family was a powerful experience for everybody.


Saturday, June 29

Our day started with a devotional by Les, one of ZOE’s key leaders, on appreciating small blessings to combat pride. We then drove back to ZOE to lead games, including a paper snowball fight, Kajabi, and Cups (a Rocky Peak classic). Our team had amazing conversations with ZOE families over a shared lunch. In the afternoon we had language learning sessions with ZOE children, enhancing our connections through mutual teaching and charades. The day concluded with games and fellowship at a small resort/park called Rock N’ River with the ZOE Leadership Training students.


Sunday, June 30

We transitioned from our time in Chiang Mai at ZOE to a village outreach in Northern Thailand, starting early with a scenic three-hour drive and stopping at a picturesque sheep farm. Upon arrival, we paired with ZOE Leadership Training members for hut-to-hut evangelism, supporting and praying for the villagers, and then participated in an impactful church outreach with worship, testimonies from our team, and prayer, witnessing profound spiritual hunger and gratitude from the villagers.


Monday, July 1

Today we held our first school outreach in Doi Chiang, where we were joyfully welcomed by the children and spent the day leading songs, skits, language learning activities, games, and various outdoor activities. The highlight for a few of our students was participating in the "Everything" skit and witnessing the ZLT members share the gospel with the kids in small groups using the classic Evangi-cubes.


Tuesday, July 2

Today was our second school outreach in Wangpah, and we led most of the same songs, skits, and activities from the day before. The day also ended with a Gospel presentation from the ZLT members. After is was done, our team headed back to Chiang Mai, where we went to a night bazaar in the evening.


Wednesday, July 3

We started the day with a devotional by Carol and a work project at ZOE, digging a drainage trench, which was both exhausting and rewarding. We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing, followed by a powerful prayer night with the ZOE kids and ZLT students, where we felt a deep presence of God and shared meaningful prayers. It was the highlight of the trip for many. The day ended with a debrief and a reflection on leaving our old selves behind and embracing a renewed self.


Thursday, July 4

On our last full day in Thailand, we started with sunrise prayer time on a beautiful bridge overlooking a lake, where we reflected on the goodness of what God had done during the trip. We shared a final team lunch, toured our resort, visited a Night Safari, and ended the night with a swim, cherishing our time together and expressing gratitude for the support and unity that made this trip so impactful.

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