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We're exploring the American church with a passion for unity and maturity.



Does the Christian call to unity apply to Catholics? As Protestants, should we consider them our brothers and sisters in Christ? These aren't easy questions, but through this series we hope to gain clarity about what Catholics actually believe.



Women in Ministry


Why is this conversation a big deal?

Can women hold the title of pastor? What level of authority can they have in the church? What was God's intent for gender roles in preaching the Gospel? Do these questions even matter, and can we be unified with people who answer them differently?


Sarah Czerwinski: Young Adults Pastor at Calvary Westlake

When Sarah was approached with the opportunity to pastor a new young adults ministry at her church, it led her down a path of examining the Scriptures and pursuing God's intention for women in the church. Could she go to seminary? Could she teach men over 18, or accept the title of pastor? In this episode, you'll get to hear her story and her answers to these difficult questions.


Cindy Fahy: Author, Journalist, and Radio Talk Show Host

Cindy Fahy is an international journalist who has interviewed women and government leaders in 12 countries on six continents for 19 years. She is the founding teaching director of an interdenominational Bible study serving women from over 40 churches in the Los Angeles area. On this episode, you'll hear her heart for women in ministry, and how she learned the beauty of submission, both in marriage and in the church.



Many critics have weighed in on the beliefs and practices of Bethel Church, going as far as calling them heretical and dangerous. On this episode, we dive in to find out whether Bethel is truly unbiblical in their teaching… or maybe just a little bit weird.




One of our foundational beliefs as Christians is that God created the universe... but what did that process actually look like? And, what does our belief about the age of the earth mean for our faith?

Why unity?

Our culture is undeniably divided, and the Church often looks no different. We believe God has a passion for peace, unity, and reconciliation, so we're exploring topics and having conversations with other believers in an effort to move towards unity in the body of Christ.



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